How much does a NIR system cost (and why)?

NIR is invisible to the naked eye, but sometimes the cost of near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy systems may feel a little too transparent, too.   To be fair, the answer to “How much does a NIR system cost?” really is “it depends.” Materials, hardware features, software, and licenses will all play into the final cost. In this... Continue Reading →

Three ways to consider ROI with NIR

Labs across the country are constantly asked to do more with less… fewer people, less time, and less budget. The value in a capital investment shows up where the rubber meets the road—in lab productivity and company profitability. Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is a well-known technique that delivers fast results for standard quality parameters, helping break... Continue Reading →


Summer might be coming to a close, but our PROCESS EXPO pre-game is just heating up! The global food equipment and technology show PROCESS EXPO is being held in Chicago, home of the defending World Series Champions. You can catch us there September 19-22. In the spirit of the game and in anticipation for the... Continue Reading →

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